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Firangi Superstar isn't just about extraordinary food; it's also about a revolutionary approach to beverages. The restaurant's beverage program, rooted in the concept of 'Better Drinking Culture,' offers a diverse range of options catering to all preferences and promoting a balanced, inclusive drinking environment.

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The core of this program lies in its three distinct categories: full proof, half proof, and zero proof beverages. This thoughtful categorization ensures that every guest, regardless of their drinking preferences, finds something special and suited to their taste.

  1. Full Proof: For those who enjoy their drinks strong, the full proof options offer classic and innovative cocktails with a generous kick of alcohol.

  2. Half Proof: These beverages are perfect for diners who prefer a milder experience. Half proof drinks maintain the complexity and flavor of traditional cocktails but with a lower alcohol content.

  3. Zero Proof: Non-alcoholic doesn't mean boring at Firangi Superstar. The zero proof drinks are crafted with as much care and creativity as their alcoholic counterparts, offering a delightful array of flavors without the alcohol.


The cocktail menu at Firangi Superstar is a testament to creativity and innovation. Signature cocktails like the  "Curry Leaf Negroni" incorporate classic Indian flavours into modern mixology, creating a unique and memorable drinking experience.

What sets Firangi Superstar's beverage program apart is its comprehensive approach. Whether it's a perfectly brewed masala chai, or a meticulously crafted cocktail, each beverage is designed to complement the culinary journey and enhance the overall dining experience.

Firangi Superstar’s beverage program is more than just a list of drinks; it's an integral part of the restaurant's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. By offering a wide range of beverage options that cater to all tastes and preferences, Firangi Superstar ensures that every guest enjoys a complete and satisfying dining experience.

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