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Flavours Unleashed: A Business Lunch Set at Firangi Superstar in the heart of CBD

Updated: Apr 9

Dive into the bustling CBD, where the confluence of crunch-time and culinary delight coalesces at Firangi Superstar, a haven where the everyday world recedes into a backdrop of savoury contentment. Here, the Executive Lunch Set transcends mere sustenance; it’s an expedition into a gastronomical wonderland, priced at a polished 55++ SGD per person, where every nibble weaves a narrative of taste, texture, and transcendent joy.

Venue's exterior photo
Firangi Superstar

Commence your luncheon odyssey with a choice from "Papads and Chutneys" — a quartet of house-made sauces such as Coriander Mint Chutney and Smokey Tomato Chutney, accompanied by an assortment of Papads & Crackers, ensuring the overture to your repast is second to none.

The voyage into the epicentre of flavours progresses with the "Tiny Plates, Big Tastes" segment. Select two from an enchanting array including the Bombay Elote, a concerto of grilled baby corn and smokey corn purée, or the Cheezi Freezi, where burrata encounters confit bell peppers in a ballet of creamy and tangy nuances, with a nominal surcharge of $5 for an added touch of opulence.

burrata with confit bell peppers
Cheezi Freezi

The narrative intensifies with the "Rather Main" They Said... options. Whether you choose the Bengal Bake-Off, featuring baked red snapper in kasundi cream enveloped in the essence of banana leaf oil, or embark on the journey of the Mirchi Mole with grilled Iberico Pork, each selection is a protagonist in its own right, promising flavours that are bold, intricate, and utterly enchanting.

No culinary adventure is complete without a side quest to the side dishes, "The bits you didn’t realise you absolutely NEED," including the Dhal Makhani and Okra Poriyal, each a showcase of the culinary finesse that enhances your main course.

And for the culmination, the Sweet Ending beckons you to indulge in a dessert, like the Warm Kheer with Cacao Nibs or the Sticky Toffee Date Cake with Fig and Vanilla Cardamom Ice Cream, for an additional $5 — a finale ensuring your flavour journey concludes on a note of sweet fulfilment.

Join us, and let’s transform every business lunch into a narrative of flavour, a story where every bite weaves a tale, and every meal is a voyage, making the ordinary magnifabulously extraordinary. Follow the flavour journey @superfirangi. Let the CBD know, when it comes to lunch, Firangi Superstar is where stories unfold, one dish at a time.


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